Học Bổng Tổng Hợp


Art Major Asian(AMA) Scholarship Program (Karts)

Target group Asian students with excellent artistic talent (19 Asian countries)
Fields of study Art
Applicable degree Undergraduates (B.A) and graduates (M.A & Ph.D.)
Benefits Full tuition fee, living expenses(800,000 KRW per month), air fare, medical insurance, fee for Korean language course, etc.
Number of recipients 00
Application period March
Host institution Korea National University of Arts(Karts)
AMA manager
Website: eng.karts.ac.kr
Office: +82-2-746-9073
Email: global@karts.ac.kr

ISEF (Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies)

Target group Researchers of a research institute or university professors from an Asian country ( Eligible countries: Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam)
Fields of study Humanities, social science, energy, information and communications,life science
Scholarship duration 6 months or 1 year
Benefits Living expense( 3,000,000 KRW per month), round-trip airfare, monetary support for arrival to Korea, research incentives, monetary support for dissertation, publication, medical insurance
Number of recipients 00
Application period Beginning of November – Mid of February
Host institution Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies Website: www.kfas.or.kr
Office: +82-2-557-5681
Email: isef@kfas.or.kr

Scholarship for Asian Students in Korea (POSCO TJ Park Foundation)

Target group Young intellectuals from Asian countries who plan to enroll in Master’s or Doctoral courses at foundations’ cooperating universities
Fields of study International studies, Korea studies, public policy, science and engineering
Benefits Full tuition and a living expense for 22 months of staying in Korea
Number of recipients around 30
Application period Fall semester: Varies depending on cooperating universities
Host institution POSCO TJ Park Foundation Website: http://www.postf.org/ko/page/asia/scholar.do

Graduate Studies Fellowship Programs (Korea Foundation)

Fields of study M.A and Ph.D. candidates in Korea-related studies from about 30 countries around the world
Scholarship duration 1 year
Benefits Tuition fee( grant differ depending on area and country’s tuition fee and price level)
Number of recipients 150 students a year from all over the world
Host institution Office: +82-2-2046-8562
Email: yrjeong@kf.or.kr

Daewoong Foundation Scholarship Program for International Students (Daewoong Foundation)

Target group International students studying in Korea
Eligibility 1) Students who are fluent in Korean(TOPIK level 4 or above)
2) Students who have excellent understanding of Korean culture
3) Students who have excellent academic achievements
Application period March and October
Number of recipients 00
Host institution Daewoong Foundation
Website: http://daewoongfoundation.or.kr -> apply -> online inquiries

Scholarship programs offered by corporates

Major corporate foundations Website
Busan Foundation for International Cooperation www.bfic.kr/main/main.asp
Samsung Scholarship Foundation www.sdream.or.kr
Pencil Scholarship Foundation www.pensaf.or.kr
Hansaeyes24 Foundation hansaeyes24foundation.com